Book Mid-Breath

Published at the occasion of Mid-Breath exhibition in Velenje Gallery, 2021


Designed by Tomato Košir
Edited by Zdravko Duša
Text by Miklavž Komelj, Milena Koren Božiček, Tanja Pak
Translated by Irena Duša
Slovenian language editing: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Photos by Jaka Babnik, Tanja Pak, Miha Benedičič, Boris Gaberšček, Peter Koštrun, Ksenija Mikor, Tone Stojko, Alex Štokelj

Presentational texts by Zdravko Duša (.pdf) and Tevž Logar (.pdf)
Photos of the book by Dragan Arrigler
Sadia Tasnim, Glass: book review (.pdf).

New book on recent work of Tanja Pak

By Tevž Logar

New book Mid-Breath, dedicated to the recent work of artist Tanja Pak, attentively navigates through her delicate oeuvre that is revealed through glass objects, installations and photographs. Nevertheless, that the book offers to the reader in-depth textual and visual contributions on the work of the artist, it needs to be stressed that the real dynamic and true nature of the book is created by artists' interventions in the form of poems or intimate thoughts. As the glass in itself establishes a tension between solid and fragile, transparent and nontransparent, also this book establishes a tension between what we see and pure ephemerality, a category that, alongside its apparent existence on the edge of material presence, is at the same time entirely physical. Ephemerality as a category operates as a kind of “invisible presence”, a presence that directly transcends the visible and haptic aspects of the works presented in the book. And for this very reason, it is in a way completely intangible and consequently this idea becomes the heart of the present publication. While elements that seem momentary and passing, which often find themselves on the margins, now shift to the center and become an “anchor” to which individual artworks are bound.