• My work is about breathing. Inhale, exhale, and all the space and time between. Contemplation and peacefulness, drifting apart and separating, longing and conciliation, reuniting into quiet tranquility again.

    I try to capture emotions and the essence of thoughts into the almost de-materialized matter, constantly searching for immensity and silence in vastness of actual landscapes, mirroring those inside my awareness.

Latest News

  • 9. September 2021

    European Glass Context 2021, Bornholm, Denmark, 11 September –21 November 2021

    Installation Breath in Between, is part of the quadrennial exhibition European Glass Context 2021 on Bornholm, Denmark.

    Breaths pass on the silence of space and time in the isolated intimate world, lingering within its own membrane of dreams and desires, in the midst of closeness of other worlds. They are a moment between this breath and the next, eternally stretched out in their stillness.

  • 4. September 2021

    Tunnel XXIX, Milano Design Fair, 4–10 September 2021

    Cloudy bowls, awarded the Sign of Excellency, are being presented at Tunnel XXIX exhibition with the Center of Creativity, Slovenia, in Milan during the Design Week.

    [Tunel 29] – Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World at Milano Design Week 2021

  • 3. September 2021

    Tanja Pak presents her Cloudy pieces at the VGW2021 Hub in Palazzo Loredan, Venice, 4–12 September 2021

    Cloudy cups communicate the feelings of warmth and closeness. They are made of two layered hand-blown glass, in two versions: white and clear, white and black. The top layer of glass is slowly ground away by hand in a long process, thus leaving an uneven and tactile, cloudlike semi-transparent textured surface.

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  • 24. September 2020

    Back in the Gallery space on Prečna 6 in the city centre of Ljubljana

    From 1 October 2020 on, the gallery/studio Tanja Pak Glass Design will be open again for visits every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., or by email appointment. Welcome!