• My work is about breathing. Inhale, exhale, and all the space and time between. Contemplation and peacefulness, drifting apart and separating, longing and conciliation, reuniting into quiet tranquility again.

    I try to capture emotions and the essence of thoughts into the almost de-materialized matter, constantly searching for immensity and silence in vastness of actual landscapes, mirroring those inside my awareness.

Latest News

  • 24. September 2020

    Back in the Gallery space on Prečna 6 in the city centre of Ljubljana

    From 1 October 2020 on, the gallery/studio Tanja Pak Glass Design will be open again for visits every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., or by email appointment. Welcome!

  • 5. March 2020

    Tanja Pak exhibits at Collect2020 with Joanna Bird Contemporary Art Gallery at Somerset House, London, 26.2. - 1.3.2020

    She is presented by two large installations, InBetweenness and Breath in Between, as well as with individual sculptures, such as Breaths/black, and Cloudy.

  • 13. December 2019

    Residency at Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa on Mauritius, winner of special Arte Laguna Prize 2019, supported by Basu Foundation for the Arts

  • 6. September 2019

    Installation Between selected for Venice Glass Week Hub at Palazzo Loredan, Venice, september 2019