• My work is about breathing. Inhale, exhale, and all the space and time between. Contemplation and peacefulness, drifting apart and separating, longing and conciliation, reuniting into quiet tranquility again.

    I try to capture emotions and the essence of thoughts into the almost de-materialized matter, constantly searching for immensity and silence in vastness of actual landscapes, mirroring those inside my awareness.

Latest News

  • 23. June 2022

    Rêveries / To There

    Križevniška Church Ljubljana, 70th Ljubljana Festival , 23. 6.–5. 7. 2022

    Marijan Zlobec, »Tanja Pak z razstavo Rêveries/Tja v Križevniški cerkvi« (in Slovene) and »Križevniška cerkev na razstavi Tanje Pak zbrala imenitne umetnike« (in Slovene).

  • 15. November 2021

    Book on art and glass installation: Tanja Pak, Mid-Breath

    Published at the occasion of Mid-Breath exhibition in Velenje Gallery, 2021

    Designed by Tomato Košir
    Edited by Zdravko Duša
    Text by Miklavž Komelj, Milena Koren Božiček, Tanja Pak
    Translated by Irena Duša
    Slovenian language editing: Irena Androjna Mencinger
    Photos: Jaka Babnik, Tanja Pak, Miha Benedičič, Boris Gaberšček, Peter Koštrun, Ksenija Mikor, Tone Stojko, Alex Štokelj
    Presentational texts by Zdravko Duša (.pdf) and Tevž Logar (.pdf)
    Photos of the book by Dragan Arrigler
    Sadia Tasnim, Glass: book review (.pdf).

  • 15. October 2021

    CLOUDY at Eindhovn Dutch Design Week at The Future of Living exhibition, 16–24 October 2021

    Cloudy cups were inspired by the experience of arctic winter and the disappearing horizons in the snowstorm, when the sun's rays peeked across the horizon for just a moment through the darkness.

  • 2. October 2021

    Arte Laguna Prize 2020/2021

    For the third time the works of Tanja Pak have been selected among the finalists for the Arte Laguna Prize, Conge in 2020 and Solitudes in 2021, both being presented at the exhibition in Venice Arsenale Nord, from 3 October until 21 November 2021.

    Arte Laguna Prize 2020.21 - Backstage