• My work is about breathing. Inhale, exhale, and all the space and time between. Contemplation and peacefulness, drifting apart and separating, longing and conciliation, reuniting into quiet tranquility again.

    I try to capture emotions and the essence of thoughts into the almost de-materialized matter, constantly searching for immensity and silence in vastness of actual landscapes, mirroring those inside my awareness.

Latest News

  • 26. April 2018

    The Tales of a Breath - the exhibition

    The Tales of a Breath is combining glass and ceramic sculptures into a comprehensive experience of a single narrative. In her work, she re-examines the questions of forms of our aloneness and vulnerability.

    Opening -Wednesday, May 9th 2018 at 19h, Stekleni atrij Mestne hiše Ljubljana, Mestni trg 1, Ljubljana

    The exhibition is open from May 10th till June 4th 2018.

  • 13. April 2018

    Tales About the Breath

    OUTSIDER magazin, spring 2018 edition. Tanja Pak / "Tales About the Breath" (in slovene) (.pdf)


  • 27. April 2017

    45th International Glass Invitational 2017, Habatat Galleries, MI, USA

    45th International Glass Invitational 2017 Being proud to be part of the 45th Annual International Invitational big show at Habatat Galleries, Royal Oak, MI.

    Drifting Apart / Stretched Breath, blown opaline glass, 50" long x 12" x 12", 2017 (jpg)

  • 27. May 2016


    Sculpture Breath was selected for International Glass Kanazawa 2016 in Japan.