Tanja Pak

Short Biography

Tanja Pak

Tanja Pak did her master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London in 1996, having graduated from the Academy of Fine Art of the University of Ljubljana in 1994; she has headed the field of Glass and Ceramics there since 2009. In 2014 she was promoted to full professor.

She is creatively committed to the design of functional glass objects and artistic spatial installations.

More important group exhibitions include Glass+A in Venice, 2014, Inspired by Nature, Hempel Museum in Denmark, 2013, Chroma Culture in Bullseye Gallery in Portland, 2013, Glass in Context, 2012 and 2008, in Denmark, LuxEuropae2002 in Copenhagen.

She has created her most distinctive independent exhibitions, Within and Pointe, 2012, Dreaming Away and A Moment After – Alina, 2011, and Whisperings,1998, in dialogue with the architecture of Ljubljana Castle. Her most recent solo exhibition in Ljubljana, InBeetweennes, was set in challenging space of Kresija gallery.

She lectures at international conferences of design and art in glass. Within the framework of inter-university exchanges she lectured at the University of Washington in Seattle in 2014, National College of Art and Design in Dublin in 2013 and the University of Krakow in 2012.

Her fellowships and residencies include Corning Museum of Glass Studio residency and Creative Glass Center of America fellowship in 2014, Bullseye R&E Center residency in Portland in 2013, Norway in 2015, New Mexico in 2012 and Scotland in 2011. She received a Pilchuck Scholarship in 1999 and fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America in 2001, a residency in New York in 2008, and in 2009 at the Pilchuck Glass School, WA USA. In 2015 she participated in International Glass Symposium in Novy Bor, Czech Republic. In both 2008 and 2009 she received the Red Dot Design Honorable Mention Award. In 2011 she received the Design of the Year Award in Slovenia.

Her works have been published in international publications and are held in public and private collections.

She works in her studio in Ljubljana.

Current Position

University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Industrial Design and Applied Arts,
Head of Applied Arts course, full professor


Royal College of Art, London
Master of Arts, MA (Ceramics and Glass)

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University in Ljubljana
BFA in Industrial Design

Work experience

University of Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Slovenia
Department of Industrial Design and Applied Arts

Developed and implemented the new Applied Arts (with new name Glass and Ceramics) course in 2009.

Freelance designer / artist, running own studio from 1996

Collaborating with different teams of professionals to execute design and large-scale installation art projects.

Directing Glesia Gallery in Ljubljana, from 2005 to 2011.

Awards and residencies

Red Dot Honorable Mention Design Award 2009

Red Dot Honorable Mention Design Award 2008

Designer of the Year 2011/ Sl

New Glass Review 37, 2016

New Glass Review 35, 2014

New Glass Review 33, 2012

New Glass Review 29, 2008

International Glass Symposium, active participation, Novy Bor, CZ, oct. 2015

Arctic Glass Studio, Norway, Professional residency, N, feb.2015

University of Washington, Professor exchange program, WA, 2014

Creative Glass Center of America, Fellowship, NJ, USA, fall 2014

Corning Museum of Glass Studio, Artist in residence, NY, USA, 2014

Bullseye R&E center, Artist Exchange Program, Portland, OR, USA, 2013

New Mexico, Professional residency, NM, USA, 2012

Masterclass with James Carpenter, Bornholm, DK, 2012

Northlands Glass, Professional residency, UK, 2011

Pilchuck Residency, WA, USA 2009

Creative Glass Center of America, Fellowship, NJ, 2001

Pilchuck Scholarship, WA, USA, 1999

Permanent Public Installations and Collections

2016 Breathing - I, private collection, Ljubljana
Breathing - IGS, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, CZ
2011 In My World, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
2009–2011 A Fountain, Installation, Laško Spa, Laško, SI
2008 A Chandelier, 365 Glass Drops, Installation, Laško Spa, Laško, SI
Design works, National Museum of Slovenia, glass collection
2007 Boats, BTC Headquarters, Ljubljana, SI
2002 Fluctuations - to the Soča River, Kobarid Public Library, Kobarid, SI
2001 Trees, Nova Ljubljanska Banka’s Art Collection, Ljubljana, SI
1999 Fluid, Multimedia Installation, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, SI

Individual Exhibitions / selected

2015-2016 InBetweennes, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2013 A Walk in a Desert, Atelje Galerija, Ljubljana, SI
2011–2012 Within / I held my breath but the world kept on dreaming, multimedia glass installation, Ljubljana’ Castle, SI
Pointé, glass installation, Ljubljana’ Castle, SI
2010–2011 Dreaming Away, multimedia installation, Ljubljana’ Castle, SI
The Moment After, multimedia glass installation, Ljubljana’ Castle, SI
2009 Flow, Red Dot 2009, Glesia Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
Tanja Pak, Sculptures, Council of Europe, Strassbourg, FR
2008 Lara, Red Dot 2008, Glesia Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2006 Undulations. Again. Glesia Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2004 Traces, St. Vit, Dravograd, KGLU Slovenj Gradec, SI
2003 Red and Black, Marjan Lovšin Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
2002 In the Water, Marjan Lovšin Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
1999 Searchings, Miklova Hiša Gallery, Ribnica, SI
1998 Whisperings, Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, SI

Group Exhibitions / selected

2015 International Glass Symposium, Glass Museum, Novy Bor, CZ
2014 Vitraria Glass +A Museum, opening exhibition, Venice, IT
Bullseye Project, plates, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, WI, USA
Design +, Month of Design, Ljubljana, SI
2013 Chroma Culture, Bullseye Gallery, Portland, USA
Inspired by Nature, Hempel Glass Museum, Denmark
Hot Glass, CAA, London, UK
Silent Revolutions - Contemporary Design in Slovenia, Moscow, RU
2012 Glass in Context 2012, Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark
Silent Revolutions - Contemporary Design in Slovenia, Helsinki, FI
Coincidencies II / Exhibition of Slovenian artists, Galerija Murska Sobota, SI
2011 Silent Revolutions - Contemporary Design in Slovenia, Tent Gallery, London, UK
Silent Revolutions - Contemporary Design in Slovenia, Eindhoven, NL
Month of Design – All Awards Design, Ljubljana, SI
Modern Art in Slovenia, European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
2010 AllAwardsDesign, Zavod Big, Viba, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ambiente, Talents 2010 Frankfurt Messe, Frankfurt, Germany
2009 Rotovž, Lemberg, with Mirsad Begić
Red Dot 2009, Red Dot Design Museum, Essen, Germany
2008 RedDot.si, Mestni muzej Ljubljana, SI
Red Dot 2008, Red Dot Design Museum, Essen, Germany
Glass in Context 2008, Bornholm Art Museum, Denmark
2007 CGCA Fellowship Alumni, Museum of American Glass, NJ, USA
2006 20th Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana, SI
2005 Installations on the Grass, Kogl, Velika Nedelja, SI
2004 19th Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana, SI
2003 20/20 Vision, The Creative Glass Center of America, NJ, USA
Safet Zec, Tanja Pak, Zlatko Prica / Paintings, Glass, Bronze; Trbovlje, SI
2002 Lux Europae 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark
18th Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana, SI
2001 Contemporary Glass Exhibition, China Millennium Museum in Beijing, and Shanghai Museum of Fine Art, China
29th International Glass Invitational, Habatat Galleries, Pontiac, USA
2000 International Exhibition Nanjing, China
17th Biennial of Industrial Design, Ljubljana, SI
1999 A Gathering of Glass, Sable V Fine Art Gallery, Wimberley, Texas, USA
Glass Art Society Expo International II, Tampa, Florida, USA
1998 Expo '98, Lisbon, Portugal
1997 Design from Slovenia, Rokus, Ljubljana, SI
1996 Centenerary Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK
1993 Celebrating Slovenia, Liberty's, London, UK


Developing and heading the Glass and Ceramics course at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana.

Heading the sculpture program in Glesia Gallery in Ljubljana since 2005.

2015 (Oct.) International Glass Symposium, Novy Bor, CZ
(Feb.) Professional residency, Arctic Glass Studio, Norway
2014 (fall) Professor exchange program, University of Washington, WA
(March) Artist in residence, Corning Museum of Glass Studio, NY
(fall) Creative Glass Center of America / Wheaton Arts fellowship, NJ, USA
2013 Speaker at the Glass Society of Ireland Conference, Cork
(Oct.) Guest professor at National College of Design, Erasmus exchange, Dublin, Ireland
(Oct.) TA at Angela Twaites workshop at NCOD, Dublin
Speaker at the BeCon 2013 conference in Portland, Bullseye (Title: Poetry of Production), OR, USA
2012 Masterclass with James Carpenter, Bornholm, Denmark, three days workshop
European Glass Context 2012 (attending and exhibiting), Denmark
Professional residency (invited) in New Mexico, USA
2011 Professional residency (invited) at Northlands Glass Center, Scotland
(Oct.) Ceepus exchange program – guest lecturer at Krakow University, Poland
2009 Emerging Artist In Residence residency, Pilchuck Glass School, WA
2008 (Dec.) One month artist residency in New York, USA
European Glass Context 2008 (attending and exhibiting), Denmark
2005 Presentation and lecture, ECERS World Conference, Portorož, SI
2003 Speaker at the Panel / Behind the Glass Curtain, SOFA, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA
2001 Fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America, Wheaton, USA
1999 Pilchuck Glass School in selected glass of Maria Porges and Tina Aufiero, scholarship received, USA
Workshop with Judy Hill, Jacksonville, Fl, USA

Visits to: GAS Conferences in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2016.

European Glass Context conferences in 2008 and 2012, Northlands Conference in 2005, Coburg Glass Simposium in 2006, Novy Bor Glass symposium in 1988.

International Publications / selected

2016 New Glass & Architecture, May 2016: Interview with Uta Klotz
NEW GLASS REVIEW 37, The Corning Museum of Glass
2015 DIMENSIONS, Year produaction of Glass&Ceramics course students at the Academy of Fine Art and Design, KULT3000 Gallery, Ljubljana, (editor and text)
2014 NEW GLASS REVIEW 35, The Corning Museum of Glass
DESIGN IS ALL AROUND US / 30 YEARS OF DESIGN AT ALUO, edited by Petra Č.Oven and Barbara Predan,University of Ljubljana, ISBN 978-961-93514-3-7
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