Tanja Pak
Oblikovanje steklaBlack lineProstorske postavitve, skulpture

Artist's statement

Tanja Pak, may 2017

Each being, unique and the only one in its awareness and perceptions, takes part in creating the breathing of this world. Each one of us lives inside the veil of their own transient world, filled with memories, emotions and yearnings.

The feeling of loneliness and timelessness sometimes unfolds all the way to painfulness and leaves the individual gasping for air in the intimate space of experiences I call the "In-Between breath". It is the moment a breath stops, frozen in time, and tunes in with the silence echoing off its own walls. The world shrinks into a membrane of white sound.

Within the membrane of my own world I wait in the vast field of inter-breath. Vibrations coming from space outside of my self traverse between Here and There, skewed and deformed from the path they travelled. The closeness we experience is imaginary without exception; it always holds a slight separating line, which changes the image in both directions. Vast spaces of loneliness offer room for breathing. Inhalation and exhalation encompass our entire presence and, at the same time, awareness of the absence in the sense of non-presence and yearning. With others, we only share reflection of lights from the fleeting world and translate them into new harmonies. They sound different to each one of us, when we are prepared to hear them at all. But when we do, it is worth all that was ever meant to be.

My work is a process of internalizing external impressions, translating visual, audio and tactile stimuli to an inner world, as an inhalation, and then their translation to a work of art, as an exhalation. I try to capture emotions and the essence of thoughts into the almost de-materialized matter, constantly searching for immensity and silence in vastness of actual landscapes, mirroring those inside my awareness.

The technique I choose is never more than a mere tool, a decision based on the narrative/confession and desired communicative effect. The same is true of reaching for other materials than glass and venturing into fields other than that of pure visual art, when searching for ways of visualization.

The duality of glass makes it a suitable medium for my search for possibilities of expressing personal issues and anguish felt by the individual, who is ever lonelier within the contemporary global society. The ethereal and elusive image of the material offers the possibility to visualize her longing and emotions.

The part of me, which constantly feels for emotions and questions in every vibration of light, searches for light inside the glass, it dives into its depths, travels into it and looks back into the world through its membrane. Who I am, hidden and mirrored in reflections within it, shattered in endless layers and scattered to fragments.

Glass is the material which allows me to scratch the layers, discover them one by one, dream with my eyes open and wake from my dream again and again, each time with different views, in new lights. Glass is the unrelenting mirror, an impermeable membrane between here and there. It keeps my thoughts in an unspoken and undefined space, almost devoid of gravity, almost nothing but a thought and its trace. In the next moment it is present again, gently quivering and tranquil, with layered coats of softness and lack of definition… No longer matter, just light captured inside matter, and shadow outlining it into reality. This is why it’s able to address and translate emotions and seizes us through all our senses.

I understand my spatial installations through dramaturgical perspective and through our whole awareness; through matter, sound, light, touch, smell, and movement. Individual units become parts of a story of greater dimensions, inserted in a given space, which itself carries within mute testimony, inscribed on its surface like a palimpsest. They tell of eternal tension between subject and object, and yearning of the self. They are a search for breath, for inhaling and exhaling, for immensity and vastness. They sum our experiences up and speak to the observer, invoking his intimate memory.

In my spaces of captured lights I build dimensions, which offer dreamers space for their very own reveries.

Tanja Pak